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San Francisco Survivors
Bass Lake 2000

What a beautiful week end for a ride and to enjoy The Survivors 20th annual run. Left Friday around 11 am, after taking care of all the business I had to do in order to leave. Had to fly solo. The wife could not get off from work. It was foggy by the Bay, but as soon as I got over the pass it got hot fast. Traffic was light all the way, so I was able to fly.

Of course it wouldn't be normal for me if everything went smoothly. I had made res. at a motel I thought was in Oakhurst. When I got there & tried to find it. I couldn't even find the street it was on. after a few questions I found a room & called. It was in Oakdale. Oakdale being the half way point, did me no good at all. So I canceled the res. and got on with the business of having fun. The only really bad thing about the situation was that I had asked a friend to come up. When I figured out the problem, what to do, and called to let him know. It was too late. He had already left. He did get the message but did not really understand. Looked around & went home. At least he got a good ride out of it and has forgiven me for the foul up.

Saturday after a brief breakfast it was time to get moving. First up was a Poker Run around the lake. Got a queen of spades at the check in stand, then a 2 of spades at the first stop. That got ruined at the third place with a 4 of hearts. Oh well that was the end of the poker part for me, but the ride was still a nice way to start the day.

Next up after lunch were the bike & people games. I would like to thank the guys who put so much effort into making the games come off so well. I don't have their names, but they are at Bass & Buck Meadows and work tirelessly to make sure everyone has a good time.

Included were a slow race won by Jose from The Prodigal Sons.

Then came the figure 8 won by Gilbert

And lastly the famous windy bite won by Mike & Gwen.

People games followed with the men's & women's tire toss

The men's was won by AAron                             The women's by Susy

Then there was a wet T shirt contest with prizes for fried eggs, mouth full & jugs & a balloon toss. The kids weren't left out either, but I needed a brake so... I didn't get any pix this year. This camp out is really a family affair, with many kids and couples in evidence through out the days events.

                       Caretaker & Wave                                        Roy & Flower

A sober Hells Angel Bobby, Gwen & their friend Sudini.
Who woulda thought!!

It wouldn't be a run without Bikes and these were some of my favorites, although the Survivors had other thoughts when it came to picking the best for prizes. Think I got a thing for flames?

Frankie from Marin                                     Brian (Survivors Pres.)

Resurrection with John & Kim aboard

Of course where there are bikers there are Tattoos

The two sides of Roy

Nitros Mike's Clan Crest ( basically means "don't mess with us")

Jeff likes to keep track of his clean time on the symbol on the right.

After a Tri Tip dinner there was time to chat & banter with old friends & new. Then it was time for awards, raffles & a meeting before bed. The meeting was hosted by the Survivors  & featured
San Jose Jack as speaker.